Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What We Love About Holle/Hipp/Lebenswert & Nanny Care---Udderly Organics LLC-- A USA Based Seller

Why Should I Buy From Udderly Organics:
There are many sellers now on eBay and also setting up their own stores online.  However, its really hard to know who to trust.  There are so many questions such as how are they storing the formula? Do they ship quickly? How do I know that the product I ordered is even legitimate?  
Udderly Organics has been in business since 2013.  We where actually one of the original sellers for Holle, Hipp, Lebenswert & Nanny Care formula.  Since then we have built an amazing reputation for fast shipping, quality customer service and amazing products.  Our products are not irradiated, they are stored in a temperature controlled room and shipped quickly (1 to 3 day delivery).  Each order comes complete with instructions in English on meal preparation. 
We choose to sell Holle organics because we too have a story to tell about our initial discovery for the scary ingredients that are put in American formulas.  We are more then thrilled to be able to offer this wonderful formula and many other products, that are much safer and are absolute proven quality. 

The Story That Inspired Udderly Organics:
 Our son was born on New Years Eve, 5 weeks early. When he was born, he was quickly taken down to the NICU to be monitored.   A few hours later, we were escorted down to see him and spend some time with him.  An hour later, the nurse comes in with a bottle of Similac; first thought that came to my mind was “seriously? The kid was just born and your poisoning him?”.  I scurried back upstairs to start pumping milk as it was torture to watch them feed that crap to my son.  Luckily, he spent just one week in the NICU before we were able to take him home.
Our baby was on breast milk for 6 months until we switched to formula due to personal reasons.  During that 6 months, I had spent hours ransacking the Internet trying to figure out what we formula we would switch our baby over to when the time came.  There was only 2 organic brands I was willing to try, Earths Best & Baby’s Only.  So we first put our son on Earths Best.  The first thing we noticed was the excessive spit up, doctors said this was normal, all babies spit up- a few weeks they prescribed him reflux medicine, which I never gave him, it didn't seem safe to me.  Another thing we noticed was screaming at the bottle.  He would take a few sips, his face would turn bright red and he’d start crying.  Finally, we noticed the disgusting smell of his poop & how red it made his bottom. My first thought was, what on earth is in this can?  Liquid fire?  I later on read about Earths Best "DHA".  They use hexane, a very toxic chemical, to extract it from algae.  The DHA used is a GMO.  I went to my local health food store and I demanded answers on why this product was labeled organic if in reality, it was not.  They came back and told me it was all over a late night debate which had won in favor of Earth’s Best.  It made me wonder, is the food I buy labeled organic, really organic?  Can these companies seriously persuade the USDA to label something organic because they are too tired and want to go home?  It’s scary really.  I stopped using Earths Best immediately.

 I then started on Baby’s only, which I still believe is the only suitable formula available in the USA.  But the problems arose shortly after.  Our son was so severely constipated that he spent his days crying in pain.  Our doctor told us to feed him juice and give him over the counter laxatives.. excuse me?  But I guess that’s how most doctors are, instead of find a solution to the problem, let’s just cover it up and move on.  One other thing I noticed was the amount of bubbles produced in every bottle, like it was full of soap.  I was at my whit’s end, I have a baby who’s screaming in pain, pooping once every 5 days, hardly smiling anymore and I’m here losing my mind!!  I searched for a new solution and came across multiple blogs about Holle. 

Everybody was raving, Holle this, Holle that.. what was so special about Holle?  And where can I buy it?  After a few more weeks, I finally found somebody who sold it,  for a very high price.. but I bought it anyway, I had to see what the fuss was about  and maybe, just maybe this was my answer.  I received Holle in the mail a few days later, surprised by the fact it came in bags instead of a tin can (completely BPA free, yippee) and gave it to my son.  I put the bottle in his mouth and from first sip (literally) his eyes started to get heavy, his shoulders dropped, he let out a sigh and its like he was floating in the land of Holle.  We no longer had anymore issues with constipation, pain, spit up, acid reflux and he was for once just happy to take his bottle.  Where had this formula been all this time?  It truly is a miracle in a bag.   The amazing thing is, its not just us that a Holle story, many people have struggled as we did to find something that would work for their baby.  At the end of the day, no formula will ever be as good as breast milk, its just not possible.  Just a few facts about Holle

*99% Organic Ingredients from local Bio dynamic farmers*There is no coloring/ gluten/wheat/ preservatives/ gmos/ msg/ brown rice syrup/dha ara
*No added fluoride (the fluoride in the formula comes naturally from the cows)/ No added sugar
*The ingredients are designed to be easy to digest and its creamy, not foamy!!
*Its Demeter certified & EU organics certified

There were some questions from people about the use of Maltodextrin and Palm Oil in Holle.  So I contacted Holle and asked them my self, here is the information they gave me :

*Although adults are advised to avoid saturated fatty acids and mono/poly saturated fatty acids. Infants in first year of life have a different metabolism to adults and children
*Fatty acids in human milk are mostly saturated
*Palm oil is used to meet the composition of fatty acid in human milk; one of the very few vegetable oils that are high in Saturated Fatty Acids. Most others are rich in mono/polysaturated fatty acids.  Using Palm with rapeseed and sunflower creates a good profile of fatty acid, meeting nutritional requirements


*Maltodextrin is a non-sweet medium complex carb made from starch, if the molecules are too small, they too easily pass thru the intestine wall creating sugar highs, if they are too large, they are not easily digested
*Without the use of Malodextrin, the formula would contain more lactose (milk sugar) and have a more sweet taste.  Some infants are sensitive to high doses of lactose and suffer from colic as a result.  The mild complex structure of malodextrin makes it easy to digest, less sweet and keeps infants engry level while keeping them satisfied longer, this is because its slower to digest.

The reason why they use these ingredients is  to create the formula to mostly resemble breast milk & meet the nutritional needs of infants.  In the USA they choose to use GMO’s and processed material to make up for these necessary nutrients.  At the end of the day, the only way to get something that’s as good as breast milk, is to use breast milk.  Otherwise, Holle is your next best option. 

One thing that is very special about Holle, they use milk from grass fed cows not treated with antibiotics and hormones.  These are happy cows, that live long happy lives in lush green rolling pastures.  I personally would never drink milk from a cow that’s kept in a small muddy feedlot, fed GMO corn and injected with steroids because she’s so ill from eating stuff that cows were never meant to ingest.  Babies are so small, so vulnerable, their bodies are growing so fast and they are far more likely to react to chemicals that are put into their food.  We may not even see these consequences for many years, maybe this is the reason for the obesity epidemic? Or the reason why we are seeing more cases of learning disabilities and mental disorders.  All I know is my child (and every child) deserves as the very least to get the best possible start to life, and that’s why I love Holle. 

Thank you for reading